Artificial Intelligence and Stem Cell Research

Why Artificial Intelligence?

The Problem: Sickness, Suffering and Premature Death
The Solution: Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a technology that could search and process the hundreds of millions of pages of data in 3 seconds… that a human being would take centuries to accomplish.

What impact do you think that would have on breakthrough nutritional supplement discoveries?



Welcome to the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Few realize that virtually every phase of our lives is already impacted and dependent on AI.

If all AI would suddenly vanish, the world, including the distribution of food, fuel and virtually every other commodity, product and service, would screech to a halt. Cities would darken and financial markets would collapse.

And even fewer realize that the lack of AI has kept biology in the dark ages compared to other fields.

Until now.


The Big Problem:

The human body’s complexity slows down the research to conquer aging related conditions and diseases. Over 200 cell types are involved in diverse chemical and electrical dynamics, all arranged into a host of different organs.

Each of these undergoes bewildering dynamics on multiple scales. Your body is tightly coupled with other intertwined systems, on scales ranging from your ecosystem and social environment down to the intricate evolving colonies of microorganisms that you host.

This complexity exceeds the capability of any single human mind, or even teams, to understand. Yes, we have amazing biomedical information-gathering tools now available, and we have gained libraries of biomedical knowledge. But our understanding of human health and illness is still primitive.

The main reason is: we accumulate data much faster than we can manage it. For example, if a researcher read 2-3 studies every day for a year, that person would fall 1,000 years behind at the end of that year! And it’s getting worse. The only way to assemble, integrate and apply all this data is by calling on AI to sort it all out.

As each day NOW passes, 150,000 people die, and hundreds of millions suffer from various diseases… and each of us inches one day closer toward our potential death.  


The Elegant Solution:ai-istock-000017314072small.jpg

Artificial Intelligence, focused on biomedical discovery

Virtually no one considered that AI overlooked the nutraceutical industry. It wasn’t until just now that AI helped develop nutritional supplement formulations that are light years beyond what humans can discover on their own.

Research shows that advanced AI can provide a radical shortcut, able to leapfrog past conventional biomedical research, and let us develop those breakthrough supplements that could turbocharge your wellness today… and even extend healthy lifespan much earlier than we ever imagined.

AI will be the game-changer to transform healthcare as we know it today. It will empower and help preserve the health and wellbeing of everyone on the planet who uses it… rich or poor.

In fact, it has the potential to stop aging as we know it.

So two years ago, Age Reversal, Inc. hired the world’s foremost biotech AI research team to bring the first of many revolutionary nutraceuticals to the wellness market.

The big challenge was to write sophisticated software that could…

  • Take massive, but scattered, incompatible and messy biological databases and organize them.
  • Develop AI tools to analyze biological data, and discover hidden information from biological research papers.
  • Design AI reasoning systems that draw conclusions from this new biomedical knowledge.
  • Finally integrate robotized lab equipment that allows certain AI systems to run their own experiments without human intervention.


They met that challenge.

Biopharma and nutritional supplement businesses are lagging other areas of industry in adopting AI driven progress.

Traditional nutraceutical discovery is still based largely on “trial and error,” driven by narrowly focused expert human intuition, rather than a more scalable and systematic broad approach adopted by Age Reversal, Inc.

Our team is the first and only in the world which has unleashed this amazing technology on nutraceutical discovery.

Here’s what our team have accomplished so far:

  • Created large databases integrating available biomedical information
  • Applied cutting-edge AI tools to extract genetic patterns for aging, obesity, inflammation, aging brain, six different cancers and Alzheimer’s. Then they made generalizations from these databases
  • Screened thousands of natural compounds against these genetic networks
  • Determined which networks of compounds are most effective on these networks of genes
  • Formulated natural nutritional supplements for specific purposes

Once the discoveries were translated into nutritional supplement formulations, physicians carried out human clinical studies to prove that they are indeed effective against so many of the maladies that plague us as we age.

We at Age Reversal, Inc. stay dedicated to delivering more life to you and yours. We’re really excited about these big breakthroughs and look forward to the day when you don’t age anymore.

Meanwhile, we offer you the most effective life preserving products available today.