Is This Really the Single Greatest
Skin Health Development in Our Lifetime?

“Breakthrough Anti-Aging Secret
Turns Back Time from the Inside Out”

For quite some time now, stem cell injections have been the “go to” solution for more youthful looking skin and its anti-aging benefits. But, the ‘solution’ also comes with steep prices and painful injections.

We’ve all been sold the illusion that youthful skin must come at a cost. But finally, there is another solution which doesn’t leave your wallet empty or your body sore from those injections…

Thanks to a new research breakthrough, telomerase has become the latest buzz in the “battle of aging”. By leveraging this research, we’re proud to finally introduce this so called “facelift in a bottle” patterned after the enormously effective TeloSC nutritional supplement.

Some people might write this off as just "another fad skin cream" that will soon pass…… but after we found several supporting studies citing these incredible ingredients, we’re certain their view on this revolutionary product will change instantly!

This just might be the biggest breakthrough in anti-aging to date…

You see… healthy, radiant, youthful skin lies within all of us. Over time, our skin’s stem cells weaken and dwindle by over 50%! Just think back to how easily you recovered after an injury, cut or bruise as a child versus nowadays. The difference between then and now is the functionality of your stem cells.

Again, normally we don't see effective "anti-aging" supplements, especially ones that claim "fast" or "cheap" results. But, what has us and the scientific community so excited about this enzyme,telomerase, is that now everybody with either a small budget or unlimited budget can access this breakthrough product and achieve remarkable results, without the financial burden and the physical pain.

What The Heck Is Telomerase?

Most people are unaware of this Nobel Prize winning enzyme that is the true key to turning back the clock on aging skin. Scientists are just now recognizing that unlocking the fountain of youth is actually a dual process, requiring both stem cells and this newly discovered enzyme- telomerase.

You see, telomeres and stem cells form the foundation of cellular skin health. You need to maintain both, to truly unlock youthful skin from within. The reality is that the average telomere length decreases as a result of declining stem cell activity with sun and other environmental damage. Because the length of your telomeres is the real key to reversing the signs of aging… reducing the rate of shortening is obviously critical, and here’s why:

On average our skin cells divide every day, and they age every time they divide bringing you one step closer to sagging, thin, and wrinkled skin – the harsh reality of Father Time. Every cell has a fuse or aging clock called a telomere. Telomeres are the protective ends of DNA on each one of your chromosomes, that shortens every time a cell divides… until it gets too short to protect your chromosome… and your skin cells get old, sick, and die.

Think of telomeres as the plastic protective ends of your shoelaces that keep them from unwinding.

Telomerase protects cell health by extending your telomeres to restore them to child-like lengths. This discovery was so significant, that it won a Nobel Prize in Medicine, because of its leading ability to actually reverse the signs of aging. This is the single greatest skin health development in our lifetime.

What to Expect From a Telomerase Product

  • -   Increased levels of moisture in your skin
  • -   Removes sun spots significantly
  • -   Decrease in the appearance of redness and pore size
  • -   Improvement in skin tone and elasticity
  • -   Roughness and fine lines faded noticeably

Picking the Right Telomerase Product

The secret to young, radiant skin lies in the combination of stem cell activation and telomere lengthening – both of which are promoted by the skincare ingredients known as Astragaloside IV¹ and Acetyl Glutathione². Be sure your skin care products contain both Astragaloside IV and Acetyl Glutathione to unlock your skin’s greatest potential, and reverse the clock on aging.

Luckily, during our research, we developed a breakthrough proprietary formula for skin cream, called TeloSC Skin, which contains both Astragaloside IV and Acetyl Glutathione.

Additionally, in human clinical trials of the base formula, even before adding new groundbreaking enhancements, subjects experienced:

  • -  100% of women saw increased levels of moisture in their skin
  • -  100% saw sun spots improve significantly
  • -  Over 90% saw a decrease in the appearance of redness and pore size
  • -  75% experienced an improvement in skin tone and elasticity
  • -  75% felt roughness and fine lines faded noticeably

TeloSC is the first affordable skincare product we’ve seen that compares to $500-$1,000 creams… and your money is invested in the cream and its active ingredients… not in the fancy packaging and chic department store overhead.

¹ Astragaloside IV activates telomerase that restores the length of telomeres. It is thought to have many anti-aging antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting properties and has a protective function on skin, the liver, the heart, the nervous system and the brain, among others. Numerous studies have shown a link between Astragaloside IV and cell protection.

² Glutathione is the single most powerful antioxidant produced naturally in the body. It protects DNA from damage and is crucial for proper mitochondrial function and energy production as well as the reduction of free radicals, support immune function and general detoxification. Stress, illness and exposure to the inescapable toxins in our modern environment deplete the stores of glutathione and impair its natural production. Further, the body’s ability to make glutathione declines naturally with age. Acetyl glutathione is a special form of glutathione designed for maximum skin penetration.

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