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Wow, this InflaGene is fantastic. My creaky knee feels much better and the typical aches and joint pains are down to a minimum. I've stopped taking the ibuprofen, which I know isn't good for me, and I'm looking forward to some extra healthy years. So far so good so good. I'm feeling better than I have in years. Great product!

James Curley, Central Valley, CA


I got my InflaGene on Friday and couldn't believe that most of my little aches and pains disappeared within 3 days. I'm even noticing less pain in my surgically repaired right knee (which really acts up in the cold and/or damp) and am looking forward to the day it's no longer a problem. I have tried many other so-called ‘pain relieving' products but none worked. This is now my magic elixir and I highly recommend it to everybody.

Keith, Orange County, CA


I was been previously diagnosed with osteoarthritis over ten years ago at the age of 57 and was prescribed Celebrex. I began taking Inflammex two months ago and noticed a drop in my joint aching and an increase in mobility. I discontinued Celebrex a month ago and feel better than I did in my forties, with greatly reduced aches and pains. I plan to stay on Inflammex permanently.

John C, Margate, FL


I want to give you some personal feedback on the InflammEx product. While my feedback must be anecdotal, it is positive. Because of oral surgery that I'd had, I was taking prescription anti-inflammatory meds for a while, but that ended over a month ago. I've taken InflammEx since early November. Partly due to knee problems, I'm experiencing degenerative spine changes the worst of which is a S2 (2nd sacral vertebra) radiculopathy that causes considerable pain, swelling, and spasms of my left foot.

This problem had persisted for more than a year until the past 60 days. At this time, it appears that each of the annoying symptoms seem to have gone away. I'm pleased with this outcome, and the only reason(s) that I can attribute to this positive change is the InflaGene that I've been taking. The Orthopedic specialist I'd been seeing had said there could be no relief possible, short of back surgery, so I'm very pleased with this development.

J.N., Redlands, CA


I just completed my latest physical and am glad to report things looked good; thanx to InflaGene, I am able to report to you that my CRP was 1.1, down from 3.2 about nine months ago when I started on the InflaGene.

Definitely ready to start the new TeloSC product.

Lastly, a personal incident you'll appreciate: one of my old Army friends was flying thru the area and stopped by for a beer and some catch up; he knows of my interest in anti-aging and longevity and is now getting interested himself (he'll be a MaxLife customer for sure).

Anyway, after I told him about the new TeloSC product he said the following: "Jerry, please tell your friend Dave he has just solved the biggest dillema I've ever faced."

What's that, I asked?

"So many women and so little time"

When it comes right down to it, you are quite the humanitarian!

Jerry Irwin, Weatherby Lake, MO

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Benefits - Ingredients – FAQ

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InflaGene Ingredients


Panax Ginseng Extract


Acorus Calamus
(Myrtle Grass)


Trifolium Pratense
(Red Clover)


Eleagnus Angustifolia
(Olive Leaf)




Artemisia Annua Extract
(Sweet Wormwood)

Sophora Japonica Extract
(Bitter Sophora Root)


Vigna radiata
(Mung Bean Seed Extract)


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