Results of InflaGene’s Initial Human Clinical Study Conducted At The Grossman Wellness Center, Golden, CO and Supported By LabCorp

The initial Inflagene clinical studies* were supervised by Terry Grossman, M.D., a recognized thought leader in wellness and age management. Based on these initial positive results, an additional study has been authorized, and Dr. Grossman intends to distribute InflaGene to his patients and clients.

*The study measured C-Reactive Protein (CRP), the standard blood marker used to determine inflammation levels in patients. High CRP levels indicate inflammation; therefore, the critical study outcome is a net inflammation reduction after Inflagene usage: "Baseline" records the CRP level before taking InflaGene, and the "End Point" windows record the significantly positive results (i.e. CRP REDUCTION) after taking InflaGene for 30 days / 60 days, respectively.



  1. 1. Omitted numbers were not included in the study due to low baseline CRP levels (<2.0). Numbers 014-029 were not assigned.
  2. 2. Subject #1 was inadvertently included eventhough his CRP was low. However, here is his unsolicited email to one of the investigators:

    This is in reference to Customer #: 11-AR1001 A11 Herbal Supplement.
    "I have taken the dosage for two months. The pain in my fingers has improved so that I can close my fists. There is an occasional minor discomfort; but it is noticeably improved. The pain in my hips is noticeably improved; and I seldom have discomfort when sleeping. The pain in my shoulders is now considerably less which now allows me to sleep on my left side, (which was painful before). In general, I would say that the treatment has improved my arthritis considerably. My shoulders also have bone spurs, since one could hardly consider completely curable. All in all, I have been impressed with the result."
  3. 3. Showed a significant reduction in Sedimentation rate (from 11 to 2).
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