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  Teray Stephens – Laguna Woods, CA

I had my inflammatory markers tested and my blood lipids a few weeks back, and all my inflammatory markers are well below range. I can only put this down to InflaGene.


  John Carlton – Reno, NV

As soon as I heard about this stuff, I wanted it. I work out, I stay reasonably fit, and I'm doing my best to not just ignore the obvious signs of aging I'm suffering (having recently left my fifties behind)... but to DO something about it. I know too many people who have taken simple steps to address and reverse the tolls of aging, and gotten great results (often really fast) -- I have zero excuse to not take advantage of the best that science and supplements have to offer.

It's a great time to be alive. If you want to take a simple "first step" toward dealing with the pains, aches and insults of aging... here you are. The entire concept of inflammation being at the root of so many problems makes sense, and is backed by so much research, that's it's a no-brainer for me. I'm just glad it's available…


  Patrick Cleary – Redondo Beach, CA

I have been looking for something to help with inflammation for a long time. I suffer from an under active thyroid and take 3 different medicines to get the thyroid in sync. Even though I have been seeing a specialist for a 2 years (and it has been very helpful) - one thing that has never gotten back to normal is the stiffness and inflammation in my hands. Like many, I am on the computer a lot during the workday, but what really aggravates my fingers is I still like to play the guitar. Pretty hard to do either with stiff and painful hands, so I have been trying many different things, including 600 mg of Naprosyn. But I do get an upset stomach with that.

I came upon this item and thought what have I got to lose? Well, after getting the supplements and following the directions (2 pills twice a day), I must say I have been surprised and delighted. The stiffness has been considerably better, the movement easier, and the pain in my left thumb (too many barre chords) is completely gone. This product is the real deal and I am usually a skeptic when it comes to supplements. However, the proof is in the results and the results have been great. I intend to continue taking these and I will update again in 8 to 12 weeks.


  James McCarron – Australia

I had my inflammatory markers tested and my blood lipids a few weeks back, and all my inflammatory markers are well below range. I can only put this down to InflaGene.


  William H. Raymond – Colorado

I have taken the dosage for two months. The pain in my fingers has improved so that I can close my fists. There is an occasional minor discomfort; but it is noticeably improved. The pain in my hips is noticeably improved; and I seldom have discomfort when sleeping. The pain in my shoulders is considerably less, which now allows me to sleep on my left side (which was too painful before).

In general, I would say that the treatment has improved my arthritis considerably. All in all, I have been impressed with the result.

I would be very happy to be able to purchase InflaGene on a permanent basis.


  James Curley, Central Valley, CA

Wow, this InflaGene is fantastic. My creaky knee feels much better and the typical aches and joint pains are down to a minimum. I've stopped taking the ibuprofen, which I know isn't good for me, and I'm looking forward to some extra healthy years. So far so good so good. I'm feeling better than I have in years. Great product!


  Keith, Orange County, CA

I got my InflaGene on Friday and couldn't believe that most of my little aches and pains disappeared within 3 days. I'm even noticing less pain in my surgically repaired right knee (which really acts up in the cold and/or damp) and am looking forward to the day it's no longer a problem.

I have tried many other so-called 'pain relieving' products but none worked. This is now my magic elixir and I highly recommend it to everybody.


  John Colman, Margate, FL

I was previously diagnosed with osteoarthritis over ten years ago at the age of 57 and was prescribed Celebrex. I began taking InflaGene two months ago and noticed a drop in my joint aching and an increase in mobility. I discontinued Celebrex a month ago and feel better than I did in my forties, with greatly reduced aches and pains. I plan to stay on InflaGene permanently.


John R. Nelson – Redlands, CA

I want to give you some personal feedback on the InflaGene product. While my feedback must be anecdotal, it is positive. Because of oral surgery that I'd had, I was taking prescription anti-inflammatory meds for a while, but that ended over a month ago. I've taken InflaGene since early November. Partly due to knee problems, I'm experiencing degenerative spine changes the worst of which is a S2 (2nd sacral vertebra) radiculopathy that causes considerable pain, swelling, and spasms of my left foot.

This problem had persisted for more than a year until the past 60 days. At this time, it appears that each of the annoying symptoms seem to have gone away. I'm pleased with this outcome, and the only reason(s) that I can attribute to this positive change is the InflaGene that I've been taking. The Orthopedic specialist I'd been seeing had said there could be no relief possible, short of back surgery, so I'm very pleased with this development.


  G. B. – Marina del Rey, CA

I've been in the health and fitness industry for too many DECADES to be snookered in by phone claims and big fake promises. Everyone has a product that fixes this or a pill that cures that. We all know the drill. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon something that really WORKS…and FAST.

But allow me to back up for a moment. First and foremost, I couldn't believe that I had become a person who NEEDED something "fixed." I, like so many Baby Boomers, had grown to believe that I was IMPERVIOUS to the aches and pains and maladies of aging. And I was….until my years of training and leading bootcamps caught up with me in the form of achy joints and low-grade pain pretty much all over my body. I had begun to back off of training. I didn't have much interest in trying new workout techniques because, frankly, I HURT!

My pride prevented me from admitting to anyone other than myself that this was happening. But it was.

I was involved in the development of products and planning for MaxLifeSolution and I HOPED the artificial intelligence advantage we had would truly provide great results, but I was skeptical, given my own PAIN PROBLEM and the lack of relief I got from just about everything I tried.

You can imagine my relief when, after only about a week of using InflaGene I began to LOOK FORWARD to workouts again. It didn't hurt quite as much just to get from Point A to Point B after just about 7 days on the product.

I'll make this long story short by saying that now, three months into InflaGene, I am virtually WITHOUT pain and I am diving into and thriving from my workouts. I'm even trying some new things that I would not have even considered a year ago. More importantly, my inflammation markers from blood tests have gone down dramatically! No placebo effect here when my CRP goes down by HALF after only a month...and is probably still going down.

I will NOT stop using this product. No way, It's given me back my athleticism and my ability to train and have fun in the gym and in my active life again.

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