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New research breakthrough hits market. Enhances memory as shown in clinical study while providing several more surprising benefits

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Maximize your brain function and money. CogniGene affordably supports your aging brain function by expressing genes responsible for healthy minds. CogniGene… a revolutionary all natural gene-activating cognition formula.

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  • * Sharper Memory
  • * Clearer Thinking
  • * Quicker Reaction Time
  • * Faster Processing Speed
  • * Razor Sharp Focus and Attention
  • * Surprisingly Affordable
  • * All Natural Non-GMO Ingredients



What you are about to read will change the world dramatically. Today, hundreds of millions of older people are losing their memory requiring special care… let alone the agony families have to endure.

The sad truth is, the vast majority of Americans over 50 are damaging their brains without knowing it.

Each new day brings more forgotten facts - and precious memories lost, forever. Foggy brain, lack of focus, lack of concentration. And waking up in the middle of the night worrying about becoming a burden on your loved ones.

No more.

Imagine never having to suffer embarrassing "senior moments" again.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Finally, a new tested and validated nutritional supplement overseen by an anti-aging clinic is about to change the brain and the nature of memory.

Wouldn't it be great to never misplace your glasses again… and say goodbye to frustration over memory lapses?

That's now possible, thanks to the breakthrough solution, CogniGene. It slows your brain aging to a crawl… and even rejuvenates it at any age. CogniGene keeps your brain alert by awakening multiple brain-boosting genetic pathways.

This breakthrough cognition elevating formula propels you ahead of people decades younger on thinking and memory skills. So you no longer need to be embarrassed by forgetting names, faces, places, facts and birthdays.

This natural supplement will let you astonish your family and friends with your new instant recall.

Thanks to this game changing technology, you can finally take back control of your brain power, faster, better and easier than ever thought possible. It may not even matter what shape you're in… and even if drugs, doctors and other methods don’t work for you.


How did we develop the formula? Strangely enough, the underlying technology was discovered by a genius computer geek who stumbled on this memory loss solution that mystified biologists for decades… while trying to build a brain for a robot.

Thanks to him, it’s now possible to pop a pill and put the genes to sleep that make your brain age before your time. You can finally be freed from being a slave to your inherited genes.

The herbs used in CogniGene have been known and used individually by humans for their enhancing effects on cognition for a thousand years. But it took 21st century technology to put them all together to amplify their effects synergistically.

A clinical study of this synergy, conclusively found that they improve three types of memory, as well as enhancing nine other cognitive abilities including reaction time, executive function, psychomotor speed, complex attention, processing speed and simple attention.

The bottom line is, your brain is your most vital organ. It’s a powerful engine that fuels your whole body. Committing to brain health is the smartest investment you can make. In fact, your overall wellness is contingent on keeping your brain fit. And keeping it healthy is a key component in combatting the aging process.

I’ve discovered CogniGene is SO effective... and SO easy to take... I make sure I always have a bottle nearby.

I’m Dave Kekich, one of the more-recognized authorities in the anti-aging industry. Over the past 21 years, you may have seen me in documentaries, on television (interviewed by Morgan Spurlock and others), on the Internet… or in publications such as Forbes, Success or Investor’s Business Daily.


I led a team, (and with significant financial risk, bet on a previously unproven technology), was able to establish a successful company, that pioneered how to crack the code of arresting the rate of brain aging.

This is really personal, so please stick with me…

…Thirty eight years ago, I suffered a traumatizing spinal cord injury. The paralysis and other side effects that I'd love to forget sensitized me to human suffering in ways that have to be lived to totally understand. The horrors of advancing age are the ones I’m now most sensitive to.

And so, with this devastating event… I gained a deep insight. I came to realize the vast majority of pain, anguish and premature death is aging related. And if that’s the cause, then that’s what I chose to tackle head on in terms of finding a cure.

Since those I love, every person on the planet, and I myself are aging, I devoted my life to help identify and develop technologies that could stem the tide. We're finally bringing a product to market that can help your brain age without aging.


GogniGene is an encapsulated formula that helps sharpen the mind and rejuvenate memory. And in terms of validation – something very rare with most supplement companies, we conducted the human clinical study I mentioned to support our claims.

Like you, I’m aging, so I know how distressing advanced age and its side effects can be.


Increasing forgetfulness. Slower thinking and reaction times. We can’t stop your brain aging completely… at least not yet, but we can arrest and even, reverse much of it.

We discovered a safe natural alternative that pushes your brain into high gear.

CogniGene can give you an edge by putting your slipping cognition issues behind you… and with that… a magnificent runway framed by a mentally sharp future lies in front of you.

So the benefits of addressing the single biggest genetic link to aging-related mental slow-downs should be clear: It can help keep your mind sharp and lucid… as well as help avoid dependence on others.

Our team did this by putting an advanced technology to work to develop aging brain therapies not previously possible. We’re the first and only company to use this advanced technology to develop a brain supplement.

We believe this major breakthrough, which requires only a tiny adjustment to your daily routine, means regaining a razor sharp mind (like you had at 40), and permanently eliminating brain fog and senior moments.


My guess, is 10 years from now, nearly every M.D. in America will be prescribing CogniGene for patients with memory loss and a host of other cognition afflictions so common among seniors.

But that’s too late for you and me. Fortunately, there’s no need to wait.

It’s available NOW, and there’s a temporary introductory discount for this package… 20% off retail, an amazing deal considering all the wonderful benefits it will provide you… just starting with a longer and stronger memory.

I know it’s easy to make a claim… but as the CEO of MaxLife Solution, I walk-the-talk. I’m so confident in the technology and expertise that developed CogniGene, I’ll protect you with our special Unconditional 365-days 'No-Stress-Is-Best Money-Back Guarantee.

Here's how it works…


…If you aren't 100% happy for ANY reason, just send the empty bottles back to me and I’ll return every penny of your purchase price with no questions asked. Plus, I promise to refund that money within ONE business day of receiving your return — so zero hassles. And (like the name says), No Stress.

Plus bonus material is all yours to keep for FREE — no matter what you later decide.

Some think I'm taking big chances with this generous guarantee.But the way I see it, I'm taking NO chance, since I’m completely confident you’ll love this product so much you'll never let it go. But this won't be around forever… you must act today.

So click the “Add to Cart' button now. But only do this if you're serious about wanting a sharper mind.


Here’s another reason to order now…

This 20% discount offer is good only through April 30, 2016… or until we get 5,000 orders… whichever comes first.

In return for this Launch Discount, we request your feedback to help us tell others how well CogniGene helps shut down those nasty genes that make many forget what used to come so easily to us.

Look, if you want in on this introductory offer, you must act fast. Word got out about this product, so many of the 5,000 slots will be gone by the time you get this. Which means you don't have much time. In fact, tomorrow may be too late.

Make sure you aren't left out, because all participants will also get lifetime 20% discounts under what everyone else will pay. So enroll NOW.


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How many companies are so confident you'll love their products, they start with their guarantee? WE DO! You don't risk a penny of your purchase price when buying CogniGene because every bottle comes with a ONE YEAR guarantee. If you're not happy, you can get a full refund without hassles and without questions.



Introducing CogniGene, a technology miracle with results so impressive, it comes with a 365 day guarantee!

And even more. We want a lifetime association with you and want to spoil you rotten, so read on…

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See What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Cognigene ™


    Jesse Gaede, Irvington NJ

I am starting to feel a difference in my brain, and I only started taking CogniGene last Friday. I listen as much as I can and it seems I remember things better than before. I feel I have more energy throughout the day. I think my focus is improving when I have my mind on something and brain storming.


    Riemke May, the Netherlands

I started to use CogniGene six months ago and have noticed a considerable improvement in my short memory. I take a number of other supplements and I had already used various ingredients of CogniGene separately but I think their combination in this one product is doing the trick. I will certainly continue using it.

Benefits – Label – FAQ

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CogniGene Benefits

CogniGene acts on aging brain genetic pathways to support better brain function. Its all-natural ingredients improve cognition and neural health. CogniGene has been shown to boost brain function in adultsin a human clinical studythat measured…

  • Verbal Memory
  • Visual Memory
  • Composite Memory
  • Complex Attention
  • Reaction Time
  • Processing Speed
  • Simple Attention
  • Motor Speed
  • Neurocognitive Index
  • Psychomotor Speed
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Executive Functioning

Clinical Study Statistical Interpretation – Aging Brain Nutritional Supplement

Age Reversal, Inc. sponsored an independent I.R.B. designed Aging Brain Nutritional Supplement Study. Participants took The CNS Vital Signs test which has been used in 52 countries and in 3,000 clinical trials.

As we age, most of us experience either a noticeable or measurable decline in cognitive function such as memory and reaction time. The herbal product which was tested is designed to address the genetic codes that could slow us down as our brains age. Each ingredient has extensive independent safety studies.

The test measured twelve brain functions as outlined below, along with the statistical analysis.

T-test results on the difference between the newest and oldest scores for each variable in R for hypothesis: mean difference greater than zero:

  neuroconitive indexcomposite memory psychomotor speed reaction time complex attention
statistic 2.986018 0.5883946 2.13669 0.4267535 2.195635
parameter 15 15 16 16 15
p.value 0.004615896 0.2825113 0.02420781 0.3376228 0.02213132
estimate 4.6875 1.75 8.941176 1.235294 5.4375
null.value 0 0 0 0 0
  cognitive flexibilityverbal memory visual memory processing speed executive functioning
statistic 2.724535 0.21219 0.3680792 0.7276309 2.790017
parameter 16 15 15 16 16
p.value 0.007499175 0.4174076 0.3589783 0.2386766 0.00655423
estimate 7.294118 0.9375 0.9375 2.705882 6.647059
null.value 0 0 0 0 0
  simple attention motor speed      
statistic 0.5655637 1.924376      
parameter 15 16      
p.value 0.2900263 0.03613983      
estimate 3.9375 10.17647      
null.value 0 0      

The neurocognative index is significantly greater than 0. The means (labeled "estimate" above) were all greater than zero, and psychomotor speed, complex attention, cognitive flexibility, executive function, and motor speed were all significant for alpha of .05. Any measurements taken between first and last were discarded for this analysis.

Results show differences between first and latest test. Averages are all positive

  • Statistic – actual value of T test. The higher the T test, the lower the P value. Assume a bell curve with thicker tails. Parameter – the number of samples used
  • P. value –
  • Estimate – mean of the number. Plus shows subjects got better. Negative shows they got worse
  • Null. Value – used zero for this analytic. So mean is >0
  • All mean averages are positive. Neuro Cognitive Index is solidly positive.
  • Dots are outliers (13 positive, 2 negative).
  • Boxes represent 50% of the values (inter-quartile range - IQR).
  • Vertical lines (whiskers) extend to data point up to 1.5x IQR.
  • Horizontal lines inside boxes are medians.
  • Salmon boxes are significant. P is one-sided chance that mean is not greater than zero.
  • Each blue box represents a test whose mean is not significantly different from zero at 95% confidence level.

GogniGene™ Frequently Asked Questions



I read that many herbs are not well absorbed, and therefore do little good. Is that true for the ingredients in CogniGene?

What you are referring to in “bioavailability,” or how well compounds are taken up into and absorbed by your cells. All CogniGene ingredients are bioavailable.

How does CogniGene™ compare to the more popular cognition products?

We believe CogniGene is one of the, if not the most effective cognition products on the market. To the best of our knowledge, there have been no clinical studies comparing any of the products to one another.

We do not know of any other cognition product designed for the aging brain that underwent a clinical study as rigorous as the one that CogniGene underwent. Twelve different measures of cognition were measured including reaction time, executive function, psychomotor speed, complex attention, processing speed and simple attention. See clinical study results at

What are the ingredients in the CogniGene formulation?

Please scroll down toward the bottom of the CogniGene page to see the ingredients in the formulation.

Is CogniGene a natural formulation?

Yes. Our formula is made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients. And it is gluten free and contains no dairy, eggs or soy.

Does CogniGene contain any stimulants?

No. CogniGene contains no stimulants.

Does CogniGene use any ingredients derived from animal sources?

No. The CogniGene formulation is based on a blend of natural herbal extracts enclosed in a vegetarian capsule.


How often do I take CogniGene?

You take 1 capsule, 2 times a day with meals.

How many doses are in a bottle?

There are 60 capsules in each bottle, which is a 30 day supply.

How long should I continue to take CogniGene after my aging brain symptoms subside?

CogniGene’s natural formula is completely safe for everyday use, and you may find your brain function slipping again after discontinuing use.


When should I start to see results?

Results will vary with each individual. Some people have experienced positive results in two weeks or less. However, supplements acting on genetic pathways usually take a month or more for optimal effects, and noticeable results may be subtle as they take place over time, just as weakened cognitive function deteriorates gradually.

So some of the benefits of CogniGene such as improving your memory may not be immediately apparent. You might find it valuable to do before and after cognitive tests such as the one found at ________. There have been many reported beneficial effects in a clinical study using this very test including.

  • Sharper Memory
  • Clearer Younger Thinking
  • Quicker Reaction Time
  • Faster Processing Speed
  • Razor Sharp Focus and Attention

If you experience one or more of these benefits and/or some other benefit that is not listed, please let us know using our Contact Form.

In addition to using CogniGene, what else can I do to help normalize my brain function?

Exercising your brain and body both contribute to healthy normal brain function. Diet is also a key tool you should be using. We have provided practical brain exercise and diet recommendations under the What Ails You tab or go directly to be sure to consult your physician before engaging in an exercise program.

If exercise is not possible, will CogniGene continue to make a difference on its own?

Yes, CogniGene’s natural formulation addresses the symptoms of an aging brain independently. Brain exercise especially is a natural enhancement to CogniGene.


Is the CogniGene formulation safe?

Yes. CogniGene is made of extracts of natural herbs, all proven safe by independent studies, non-addictive and without significant side effects in humans recorded over decades of modern history.

Moreover, both animal and human studies have been published on the safety and effectiveness of the individual herbal extracts. If you believe you have experienced any side effects while using CogniGene, please stop taking the supplement and report them to us by using our Contact Form.

Will CogniGene interfere with other medications?

CogniGene is formulated with great care and should not interfere with most medications. However, each individual is unique. You should always consult with your physician or pharmacist regarding any potential interaction with CogniGene ingredients and the medications that you are taking.

Is it safe for children to take CogniGene?

Although the CogniGene formulation is safe, the product is designed for aging adults. As such, we do not recommend CogniGene for children.

If I am pregnant or nursing, can I take CogniGene?

We don’t recommend CogniGene for pregnant or nursing women. Always consult your doctor before taking any supplement if you are pregnant or nursing.


What is the shipping time?

CogniGene is shipped within 1-2 business days of receiving your order. The average shipping time within the continental US is 2-5 business days. Please allow slightly longer shipping times for non-continental US and for international orders.

Is CogniGene guaranteed?

Yes! CogniGene is unconditionally guaranteed for your most recent purchase – no questions asked for 365 days. There is no fine print and no stress. We want you to have plenty of time and a stress-free opportunity to enjoy the benefits of CogniGene. If you are not completely satisfied, simply notify us, and you will receive a 100% refund (less shipping, if applicable).




CogniGene Ingredients


Aloe Vera Extract



DGL Licorice Root Extract



Gingko Biloba Extract


Angelica Sinensis Extract



Punica Granatum Extract



Catharanthus Roseus Extract


Bacopa Monnieri



Sophora Flavescens Extract



Huperzine A




We know it’s easy to make a claim. But at MaxLife Solution, we walk-the-talk.We are so confident in the software, technology and formulation expertise that developed our products, we protect you with our Unconditional 365-day “No-Stress-Is-Best” Money-Back Guarantee. Take all the time you need – stress-free – to see and feel the positive results that our remarkable products give you.

So, NO STRESS. If you are not happy with your results, please notify us up to 365 days after your original purchase by calling 800.881.5346 or digitally, via our website Contact Form, and you will receive a 100% refund (less shipping, if applicable). This is straightforward and simple – no questions asked and no fine print to stress about.

Please see Guarantee Policy for details.

Thanks for your trust. We wish you maximum, health, longevity and happiness!

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