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Clinical Study Statistical Interpretation – Aging Brain Nutritional Supplement

Age Reversal, Inc. sponsored an independent I.R.B. designed Aging Brain Nutritional Supplement Study. Participants took The CNS Vital Signs test which has been used in 52 countries and in 3,000 clinical trials. www.cnsvs.com

As we age, most of us experience either a noticeable or measurable decline in cognitive function such as memory and reaction time. The herbal product which was tested is designed to address the genetic codes that could slow us down as our brains age. Each ingredient has extensive independent safety studies.

The test measured twelve brain functions as outlined below, along with the statistical analysis.

T-test results on the difference between the newest and oldest scores for each variable in R for hypothesis: mean difference greater than zero:

  neuroconitive indexcomposite memory psychomotor speed reaction time complex attention
statistic 2.986018 0.5883946 2.13669 0.4267535 2.195635
parameter 15 15 16 16 15
p.value 0.004615896 0.2825113 0.02420781 0.3376228 0.02213132
estimate 4.6875 1.75 8.941176 1.235294 5.4375
null.value 0 0 0 0 0
  cognitive flexibility verbal memory visual memory processing speed executive functioning
statistic 2.724535 0.21219 0.3680792 0.7276309 2.790017
parameter 16 15 15 16 16
p.value 0.007499175 0.4174076 0.3589783 0.2386766 0.00655423
estimate 7.294118 0.9375 0.9375 2.705882 6.647059
null.value 0 0 0 0 0
  simple attention motor speed      
statistic 0.5655637 1.924376      
parameter 15 16      
p.value 0.2900263 0.03613983      
estimate 3.9375 10.17647      
null.value 0 0      

The neurocognative index is significantly greater than 0. The means (labeled "estimate" above) were all greater than zero, and psychomotor speed, complex attention, cognitive flexibility, executive function, and motor speed were all significant for alpha of .05. Any measurements taken between first and last were discarded for this analysis.

Results show differences between first and latest test. Averages are all positive

  • Statistic – actual value of T test. The higher the T test, the lower the P value. Assume a bell curve with thicker tails. Parameter – the number of samples used
  • P. value –
  • Estimate – mean of the number. Plus shows subjects got better. Negative shows they got worse
  • Null. Value – used zero for this analytic. So mean is >0
  • All mean averages are positive. Neuro Cognitive Index is solidly positive.
  • Dots are outliers (13 positive, 2 negative).
  • Boxes represent 50% of the values (inter-quartile range - IQR).
  • Vertical lines (whiskers) extend to data point up to 1.5x IQR.
  • Horizontal lines inside boxes are medians.
  • Salmon boxes are significant. P is one-sided chance that mean is not greater than zero.
  • Each blue box represents a test whose mean is not significantly different from zero at 95% confidence level.

Study Notes

  • 108 – Did not complete study. Only took one bottle. Now suffering from aging-related medical conditions.
  • 1013 – Did not complete second test
  • 1018 – Subject was not compliant. Took second test 18 days after finishing supplements. Efficacy is expected to start falling off shortly after interrupting usage.
  • 1019 – Subject misread instructions and took ½ recommend dosage for the first eight weeks and full dose last four weeks. Results are valid.
  • 1026 – Subject said he was interrupted by a phone call once and misread instructions on one of the portions of the last test.

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